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OOHK occasionally accept quality content from its avid writers. Our main goal is provide our readers with quality and informational content from time to time. For that, we also take help from content writers across the globe. Read this page to check if you are eligible for guest post on our website.

Write For Us Guidelines

  1. 600 Words minimum.
  2. Only 1 do follow link allowed.
  3. There should be no plagiarism in the content.
  4. Content should have proper grammar and sentence formation(use Grammarly).
  5. Check the blog categories before start writing the content
  6. Please check if it is not published before on the site.

How to Find Us on Google

You can also reach us by searching category+ “write for us”:

Environment + “write for us”
Business + “write for us”
Health & Fitness + “write for us”
Computers + “write for us”
Home & Family + “write for us”
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You can also reach us by searching category+ “Guest”post”:

Environment + ”guest post”
Business + ”guest post”
Health & Fitness + ”guest post”
Computers + ”guest post”
Home & Family + ”guest post”
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Arts & Entertainment + ”guest post”
Finance + ”guest post”
Politics + ”guest post”
Internet Business + ”guest post”
Food & Beverage + ”guest post”
Self Improvement + ”guest post”
Society + ”guest post”
Writing & Speaking + ”guest post”
Transportation + ”guest post”
Product Reviews + ”guest post”
Communications + ”guest post”
Travel & Leisure + ”guest post”
Sports & Recreation + ”guest post”
Reference & Education + ”guest post”

You can also reach us by searching following terms:

+ “guest blog”/”guest post”
+ “write for us”
+ “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
+ “contribute guest post”
+ “contribute to our blog”
+ “become a guest blogger”
+ “guest blogging guidelines”
+ “contributor guidelines”
+ “send a tip”
+ “guest post by”
+ “guest author”

Write For Us Categories

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Featured
  • Finance
  • Haircare
  • Home Improvement
  • Lifestyle
    • Events
    • Health
    • Music
    • Recipes
    • Travel
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • World

Terms and Condition

All your posts under the admin/editor only.

Always provide information with proper sources.

Content once submitted on OOHK cannot be submitted or used on other website.

What You Will Get

One DoFollow Backlink in Last Paragraph

We will promote your content on our social media channels.

How to Submit

You Can send your article by mail at guest blog community @ gmail. com.

For other information you can approach us using Contact Us form.

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