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Top 3 Methods to Split PDF Files on Mac

Split PDF Files on Mac

The PDF file format is a widely used file format by every user in their daily life. It is the most preferred format due to its easy accessibility and high data security. However, when working on large PDF files, accessing or sharing a single file from the document with others can be troublesome. To avoid this many users prefer to split PDF files into multiple PDFs.

Sometimes, users just want to slice a page or two to share a particular PDF file. If you are looking for a way to split PDF pages easily. Then, we recommend going through this article. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons for splitting PDF files and also talk about the suitable techniques using which Mac users can easily perform the PDF splitting process.

Reasons to Split PDF Files into Smaller Ones 

There are many benefits to splitting PDFs into individual pages. Some of them are shared below-

  • Small PDF files are easy to upload and download.
  • PDF files that are smaller in size are easy to share in email attachments and are less time-consuming.
  • Users can keep sensitive information away from unauthorized access.
  • Another advantage to splitting PDF files is that it makes the file easier to handle.

Now that you are clear about the benefits of splitting PDF files. Let us discuss the ways to extract pages from PDF free.

How do I split a PDF into separate pages for free?

There are many methods available on the internet to split large PDF files manually. Among them, we will talk about the best reliable approaches that can ease the process of breaking PDF files into smaller ones.

#Method1: Using Adobe Acrobat

The first method to split PDF files is by using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  • Go to PDF document in the Acrobat Pro program.
  • From the left side of the window go to the Tools option.
  • Under the Tool menu, choose the Select pages option.
  • Open the Page menu, then, press the Split Document button.
  • Enter the required number of pages for the splitting of the PDF.

#Method2: Using Preview

Another way to separate PDF pages is by using the inbuilt Preview App feature of the Mac devices. The app contains all the basic PDF features that a user might need.

  • Open the Preview App, and add the desired PDF file(s).
  • From the top menu bar click on View and avail the Thumbnail option.
  • Select the desired PDF pages from the Thumbnail sidebar.
  • Then, Drag and Drop the thumbnail on your desktop to save the individual PDF file.

Above are the two manual ways to extract pages from PDF free. However, these methods are not recommended because of certain limitations.

#Method3: Using PDF Splitter Tool

This is a professional method that helps to separate PDF files easily and effortlessly. It is equipped with various advanced features that provide 100% accurate results in a less time span. Let’s follow the steps to split PDF files quickly and efficiently.

  • Open and Run PDF spitter tool for Mac as an administrator.
  • Choose the PDF files/folders to split and click the Open button.
  • Select the destination path and continue to Next.
  • Now, choose the desired splitting options and also add password protection to the resultant file.
  • Finally, click on the Split button to split PDFs into individual pages.

This automated method makes the splitting process less time-consuming and prevents any kind of data alteration. The manual method has certain limitations, for which many users suggest using the automated method. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of the manual method to split PDF pages.

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Limitations to Split PDF Files Manually

The manual methods though look simple and easy to perform but can be tricky and very time-consuming. Here we will share a few more drawbacks of going with the manual method.

  • Saving individual pages from the PDF file at a time can be a hassle.
  • Mismanagement of pages can happen using the manual method.
  • Users can not separate PDF pages that are encrypted with passwords.
  • You cannot split pages from multiple PDF files in bulk.

To avoid such limitations many experts prefer using the professional method i.e., PDF Splitter Tool for hassle-free splitting without any data loss.


In this blog, we tried to solve the most common query of Mac usersHow to split PDF into multiple files on Mac?”. We have also talked about the reasons to split PDF files. We have elaborated various methods using which Mac users can perform the PDF splitting process. Going with a professional solution results in a quick splitting process with 100% data accuracy and privacy.



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