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    Complete Guide on Bhashyam School App 2023

    The Bhashyam School App is an Android application designed to provide an easy-to-use platform for students, parents, and teachers to access important information about the school and stay connected with each other.

    The app allows users to access the school’s calendar, view upcoming events, view their grades and attendance records, and receive notifications about school activities. It also includes a chat feature, allowing users to communicate with each other directly.

    The app is designed to make it easier for students, parents, and teachers to stay connected and stay up-to-date with school-related information and activities.

    Bhashyam School App Download

    Bhashyam School App can be downloaded for free from the official Android app store. The app is accessible on Google Play Store and Windows Chrome. You can also login the app directly from the Bhashyam School website.

    1) Bhashyam School App for PC

    Bhashyam School App is a comprehensive school management system developed for educational institutions to enable them to manage their daytoday operations better. One can access the Bhashyam school app on system using their official website. Then enter your system generated id password and access the desired content. 

    Bhashyam School App for PC

    2) Bhashyam School App Download for Android

    A user can download the app on their android devices using following steps:

    Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store on your device.

    Step 2: Search for Bhashyam School App.

    Step 3: Select the appropriate version of the app and tap Install.

    Step 4: Once the download is complete, open the app and accept the terms and conditions.

    Step 5: Create a new account or sign in with an existing account.

    Step 6: Enter your school details and other necessary information.

    Step 7: You will now be able to access the app and its various features.

    How to Login Bhashyam School App

    You can follow the below mentioned steps to login into Bhasyam School app

    Step 1: Open the Bhashyam School App.

    Step 2: Click on the Login tab.

    Click on the Login tab.

    Step 3: Enter your username and password.

    Step 4: Click on the “Login” button.

    Step 5: You will be logged in to the Bhashyam School App.

    You will be logged in to the Bhashyam School App.

    How to Reset Your Password of Bhashyam School App?

    You can reset your password of Bhashyam School App by following the below steps:

    Step 1: Open the Bhashyam School App on your device.

    Step 2: Tap on ‘Forgot Password?’ option.

    Step 3: Enter your registered mobile number or email address.

    Step 4: Tap on ‘Send OTP’ or ‘Send Link’.

    Step 5: Enter the OTP you received in your registered mobile number or email address.

    Step 6: Create a new password for your Bhashyam School App.

    Step 7: Re-enter the password and tap on ‘Confirm’.

    Step 8: Your Bhashyam School App password will be reset successfully.

    Bhashyam School App Inside View – Gallery

    Bhashyam School App Main Menu
    Bhashyam School App Main Menu
    Bhashyam School App Lessons Dashboard
    Bhashyam School App Lessons Dashboard
    bhashyam school app student classes schedule
    Bhashyam School App Student Classes Schedule

    Bhashyam School App Benefits

    The Bhashyam School App provides numerous benefits for students, parents, and teachers.

    For Students:

    • Access to school calendar, events, and updates.
    • Access to class schedule and syllabus.
    • Access to online classes and lectures.
    • Access to learning resources and study materials.
    • Access to online examination and results.
    • Access to discussion forums, feedback platforms, and other student-teacher interactions.

    For Parents:

    • Access to student’s attendance records, grades, and other academic performance metrics.
    • Access to student’s academic and extracurricular activities.
    • Instant notifications of updates and changes related to student’s academics.
    • Access to school policies, regulations and procedures.
    • Access to school fee payment system.

    For Teachers:

    • Access to student’s attendance records and grades.
    • Access to lesson plans and course materials.
    • Access to student’s academic performance reports.
    • Access to student-teacher discussion forums and feedback platforms.
    • Access to online examination and results.

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    Bhashyam Schools App Not Working – [Issue Solved]

    Having issues in working with Bhashyam app. This app face issues when its not connected to internet connection. Please check your internet connection to solve common issues.

    If you are facing any other issue, mention it in comments box. We will get the solution ready for you guys.

    Developer Contact



    Address: Hyderabad,India

    Privacy Policy:

    Bhashyam School App FAQ

    Ques 1) How to get your password of Bhashyam App?

    Ans) The password for the Bhashyam School App is not publicly available. You will need to contact the Bhashyam team directly to obtain the password.

    Ques 2) Who is owner of Bhashyam App?

    Ans) Shri Bhashyam Ramakrishna.

    Ques 3) How to solve issues with the school app?

    Ans) Connect your device to internet for auto debugging. If issue still persist, connect officials using registered phone number.

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