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    The Advantages Of Using A Serviced Office Space

    Modern business is increasingly spreading across borders, creating a new, closely connected framework that spans the globe. It’s entirely possible that a company based in Melbourne will be conducting most of its business affairs in London, or a start-up in Sydney will be engaged in marketing campaigns targeted at Bangkok.

    Because of this increased need for an international foothold, many companies are looking to serviced office space as the solution to maintaining a presence in a foreign country’s business centre. These offices are ready for business from the moment you sign the contract with the providing service, they are fully furnished with all the necessary equipment like phones, Wi-Fi, and printers in place and ready to power up. These serviced office spaces come in a wide variety of sizes and formats and can be easily tailored to your concern’s unique needs.

    Let’s now examine the many advantages that serviced office spaces can confer upon your business:

    • Cost Effective – You are only required to pay for the exact amount of space you really need and will have access to technology, business software, and other useful services without having to purchase them all yourself, saving your business a lot of money up front!
    • Flexibility – How long you want to reserve the space is entirely up to you, be it for a morning or evening, a weekend, a week, a month, or even a year or more, the service is totally flexible. When renting an unfurnished office that kind of flexibility is impossible to achieve, with a serviced office space it’s easy!
    • No Downtime – Serviced offices are almost instantly accessible so your business can be up and running within minutes. It won’t be necessary to concern yourself with locating a place and paying expensive rent while it’s in the process of being furnished and having equipment installed. All you need to do is sign the papers and you are in, with everything ready to go so you can get started making your profits!
    • Useful Facilities – Serviced offices are already outfitted with a variety of useful facilities like a lunch room, kitchenette, and bathrooms, as well as a cleaning service. You can even have a full staff trained in all the basic aspects of maintaining a business waiting to go to work for you if needed! There aren’t any hidden costs, everything is on a pay-as-you-go basis so you always know exactly what a great value you are getting
    • Direct Access To Foreign Markets – It’s possible for you to hire a serviced office wherever you need to do business, practically anywhere in the world! You simply ring up your service provider to make the arrangements and you have a foreign office by the time you hang up the phone, it really is that simple!

    The International Trade Commission has useful information on doing business in Thailand and any other countries you may be interested in. We hope this article has demonstrated the really great advantages that using a serviced office space can confer upon your company!

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