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    Clothing brands: The 10 best in the world in 2022

    Do you know the main characteristics of the main clothing brands of the moment? Do you want to discover which are, today, the most important and most avant-garde firms in the textile world? We tell you which are the most powerful fashion brands of the moment and those that move the strings of the industry.

    Although for many, fashion is a form of expression and an art, the reality is that it is also one of the most prominent businesses. It is one of the industries that moves more millions a year and hundreds of thousands of jobs also depend on it.

    It is therefore important to know which are the most powerful firms. For this reason, Interbrand has launched, for yet another year, its annual report on the 100 best brands in the world: ‘Best Global Brands 2022’.

    Below we show you the 10 fashion brands that have crept into this ranking. Both low cost and haute couture firms appear on this list. It is, then, one of the most important brands of the moment.

    1. Nike

    Sportswear has shifted the focus from functionality to fashion. That is why the name of Nike is strengthened year after year. The indisputable rise of this new trend, as well as the incorporation of increasingly younger consumers into the market, have once again placed this sports fashion company at number one on the list.

    Best Global Brands 2020 reflects the impact that the coronavirus has had on business that saw their activity interrupted by the lockdowns. It seems that Nike has not been affected by the impact of the pandemic, indeed, its benefits have improved. Its value has risen 6% to 34,388 million dollars.

    2.Louis Vuitton

    Luxury brands are under increasing threat from online retail, social commerce and influencers. That’s why the new way to survive at the highest levels of the industry is to reinvent yourself.

    Symbol of elegance and high ‘standing’, the important French firm Louis Vuitton remains at number two on the list. Although with a slight fall of 2% in its value to 31,720 million dollars.

    3. Chanel

    French fashion house founded in 1919 in Paris by Coco Chanel. The prêt-à-porter never goes out of style and it is that Chanel is placed again this year in the third position of the list of the most powerful fashion brands in the world.

    Of course, its value falls slightly (-4%) and stands at 21,203 million dollars. Even so, it continues to be one of the most influential giants in the industry, almost doubling the turnover of fashion companies as powerful as Zara.

    4. Hermes

    The haute couture sector, which in the last two years was the one that experienced the highest growth, slowed down in 2020. This fact is probably directly related to the impact of the coronavirus.

    All the brands present in the list fell between 1% and 9%, except the French fashion house Hermes, whose value (17.961 million dollars) remained practically unchanged compared to last year.


    The famous luxury goods firm based in Florence sneaks into the TOP 5 of the most powerful fashion brands. Although its value falls a minimum of 2%, standing at 15,675 million dollars, Gucci manages to move up two positions on the list compared to last year’s report, thus becoming one of the most established benchmarks in the world of fashion.


    How could it be otherwise, the great giant of the low cost industry Inditex also has its place on the list. The flagship chain of the Inditex textile group founded by Amancio Ortega has more than 2,040 stores throughout the world and it is practically impossible to meet someone without a Zara item in their closet.

    It is the brand, along with H&M, that has been most influenced by the impact of the coronavirus that has interrupted its activity during the confinements. Although it got sixth place on the list, it fell from fifth last year, and its value decreased by 13% to 14,862 million dollars.


    The large Swedish multinational chain of clothing stores H&M remains one of the most powerful textile brands in the world. Together with Zara, it becomes the second most influential retail brand at the moment. It is the brand most affected by the impact of the pandemic. Its value falls 14% compared to last year and stands at 14,008 million dollars.


    It is the second sports brand to enter the list of the most powerful clothing brands in the world. Adidas is, without a doubt, another indisputable benchmark of streetwear fashion, which has come into our lives to stay.

    The German multinational retains eighth place on the list of the most important fashion brands in the world from last year. Its value rises 1% and stands at 12,070 million dollars.

    9. Dior

    The French company, founded by fashion designer Christian Dior, was created in 1946 in Paris and continues to be one of the main fashion references around the world. Dior ranks ninth on the list of the best brands of 2020.

    10. Halibuy

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