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    Embed YouTube Widget to Your Squarespace Website

    Creating a YouTube widget helps you showcase your videos on your website to show diverse videos and enhance your reach. Select the appropriate channels and clippings to develop your own playlist and display it on the page using the most suitable layout. YouTube widgets are highly responsive and can work on all kinds of websites and devices.

    Create a video gallery to keep your users interested in your brand. Strengthen your interaction using YouTube videos by providing enticing content to keep them engaged. Displaying video ads, tutorials, etc. to provide full information to the viewers about your products and services will influence the customers to buy your products. Embed a subscription button on your website to make it easy for them to subscribe to your channel directly from your Squarespace website, making it easy for them to engage.

    How to embed YouTube Widget into your Squarespace website?

    Learn to embed Youtube widget to Squarespace website with just 3 simple steps.

    1 Gather videos from YouTube

    Create your widget using videos discovered and collected by channel URLs. This is the easiest way to gather videos from various sources. Use playlist ID to curate and collect valuable and relevant videos. Find admissible and appropriate content using keywords to leverage in your Squarespace website. You also have the option to curate valuable videos by searching locations. These are the basic ways to find valuable, appropriate and relevant videos for your website making it unique and attractive.

    2. Design a personalized widget

    Design your widget in such a way that it looks more professional and personalized at the same time. Social Media Aggregator tools allow you to customize, moderate and add branding options to make it look more attractive. Customize your widget to look more vibrant and exactly according to your requirements by using different layouts, themes, colors, and other designing elements. To moderate your widget up to your standards and quality, use the advanced moderation panel which helps you remove all inappropriate content using the profanity filter. Finally integrate custom posts, CTA, banners, and much more. Use analytics to see the overall performance of the widget on your Squarespace website.

    3. Embed the widget

    Once the widget customizations and moderations are completed, the social media aggregator used will generate an HTML code, simply copy the code and add it to your website code carefully. Once done, your youtube gallery will show up on your Squarespace website just the way you curated it.

    Why use a Youtube widget on your Squarespace website?

    Let’s look at a few features and why a brand should embed a youtube widget in their website.

    1. Creative themes to enhance your website

    UGC tools like Taggbox provide a vast variety of themes like modern card, classic photo, square photo, horizontal slider, gallery theme, and much more to enhance your website with engaging and attractive photos and videos. These themes are highly responsive and can easily work on your Squarespace website with any glitch or delay.

    2. Widgets are highly responsive and offer a smooth user experience

    Providing a smooth experience to your website visitors is one of the most important tasks that brands always try to achieve. YouTube Video Widget is highly responsive and does not affect the quality of your website content. Embedding the YouTube widget would provide your Squarespace website with reliability, authenticity, and value, amongst other benefits like ensuring a smooth, seamless, and effortless experience.

    3. Custom CSS for creativity

    Inbuilt themes, customizations, and moderations are features that provide you with a vast variety of existing curated options. However, custom CSS is a powerful feature offered by a few social media aggregator tools. You have the option to customize the size, color, font, layout, style, and much more according to your requirements and creativity without any restrictions. You can go beyond the boundaries of modification and design to get self-generated results.

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    4. Check widget performance with insightful analytics

    Leaving the embedded widget on your website is not enough to get the best results for your brand. You also need to check and monitor its performance through the analytics feature provided by UGC tools to keep a track of its performance. It also helps to analyse if it needs any kind of updates or changes. Utilize this feature to keep an eye on the total impressions, and KPIs, generate reports and keep the overall performance right under your nose to provide an exquisite YouTube Video Widget experience.

    Final Thoughts

    Collecting all your youtube content and curating it in a unified presentation is one of the most innovative ways of providing your users everything they need to make a purchase decision in one frame. Embedding a youtube widget to your Squarespace website not only makes it attractive but also enhances the customer website experience. Not only this, it also helps in improving your dwell time and reducing bounce rates.

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