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    Write a Comic Book in 06 Superheroic Steps

    Creating a Comic Book: Write your first comic Book

    Creating your very own comic book can be interesting and an amazing way to share your ideas and creativity. Comic books open up an entirely new form of media and can expand your own creativity and storytelling techniques. However, starting to create a comic book can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to comic book writing. There are various comic book writing services that can greatly help you but, there are some simple steps that you can also follow on your own to get started.

    06 Incredible Ways to Write a Comic Book

    Getting started with a comic book can be frustrating and even a little overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, here are 6 steps you can follow to start creating your own comic book.

    Start with your idea

    Your idea needs to be fresh and unique. Comic books with exciting ideas and interesting plots often do better than ones with the same boring plot points and tropes. A good idea for a comic book will have a balance between action, drama, character building and conflict. A good comic book presents a story in a unique way and if your idea is good, your comic book will reflect that. Think about your characters and the journey they will take within the story. Think about the plot and the action sequences. All of these elements come together to create a good comic book. A comic book requires you to think outside of the box because the story is presented in such a unique way. Make sure your idea is something that will look good in comic book form. Come up with an idea that lets you utilize the strong points of comic book writing and creation.

    Write down the story first

    Comic books are often illustrations accompanied by only dialogues; therefore, it can be difficult to start the story without seeing the entire story on one page. Before thinking about the layout and illustrations, write your entire story down. Write the entire story with dialogues and action and make sure that your story makes sense. Make sure your characters go through development and that your story has a nice flow and pace. Writing down the story is also useful for brainstorming your plot points and conflicts. When you have your entire story in front of you, you can easily identify where your story needs work and where you need to add extra elements. A good story will be easy to turn into a comic book.

    Work on illustrations

    Illustrations are the main aspect of your comic book. If you do not have good illustrations for your story, then your comic book will not be successful. A good comic book has illustrations that suit the story and have their own unique style, tone and colours. If you are not an illustrator then think about hiring a professional. A professional comic book artist will help envision your story and characters and will help guide you with the action sequences. Your illustrations need to explain the story and also the flow of your plot, so they need to match the style and tone and need to be eye-catching for the audience.

    Understand your story structure

    Think about the progression of your story. Think about when you want to introduce important plot points and when you want to introduce the conflict. The structure needs to be coherent but also exciting. A boring, predictable structure will do nothing for your story and will make your comic book bad at storytelling. A good structure will make sure that the audience is hooked from the beginning and that the story is easy to follow and understand for the audience. Comic books also provide a lot of freedom when it comes to story structure, so experiment with that and try to come up with a story structure that does your story justice. Don’t be predictable and make sure that the message of your story comes across through the structure.

    Play with genre

    Comic books provide a lot of room and freedom for creativity and experimentation. Play around with the genre of your story and make it more interesting and creative for your audience. Comic books are often very creative and have elements of different genres. You can use this to your advantage and create a comic book that experiments with the genre. Also think about your audience, if your genre is more flexible then you are bound to attract a larger audience. Your story and illustration can reflect a unique genre. The genre also dictates the tone, style and colours of your illustrations. A horror genre will have darker illustrations, while a light-hearted genre will have more colourful illustrations. Since the illustrations have to match the genre, think about your genre very carefully and make sure that it makes sense and is coherent.

    Hire an expert

    Hiring an expert can be the best course of action for you, especially if you are just starting out with writing comic books. A comic book writer will take care of your story and characters and turn them into a successful comic book. Experts usually know how to write and approach comic book writing and what elements to look out for. An expert can guide you and instead of worrying about your comic book on your own, you can use an expert to get more support. It is also useful to understand the fundamentals of comic book writing from an expert so that you are more ready and knowledgeable for your next comic book.


    A comic book can be a great way for authors to express their ideas and stories. Comic books are the perfect platform for something fun and unique in the book industry. A well-thought-out comic book attracts a larger audience and is more effective with storytelling. By following the tips provided above, you can start working on your own comic book as soon as possible.


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