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    7 Tips for Hiring Good Travel Insurance

    Find here all the information you need to take out good travel insurance. We explain how it works, what to choose, comparisons, and much more. More and more travelers are clear that, when preparing their new adventure, buying their flights and reserving accommodation are just as important as hiring good travel insurance.

    Although that is the last thing we want to think about, the reality is that in any corner of the world we can suffer something as silly as a sprained ankle that conditions the rest of our experience, be it when we go out to volunteer until when we decide to work or study abroad.

    For this reason, today we are going to tell you the keys to hiring good travel insurance that will take care of you in case any problem arises during your adventure.

    7 tips for hiring good travel insurance

    1) A travel insurance that speaks to you in your language

    Imagine: You are traveling in a distant country and you start to feel a strong pain in your stomach that forces you to stay stretched out on the bed of your accommodation. At that point, the last thing you want is to have to contact a support service that speaks to you in a different language than your own and explain what is happening to you. Being able to do it in your own language ensures that not a single detail escapes you and that, in this way, you are directed to the exact place where you can receive the best treatment.

    Likewise, the moment of calling to receive attention is not to be worrying about the cost that a call from abroad may have. For this reason, it is also important that the travel insurance you hire offers the possibility of contacting through its own app, WhatsApp or offering a refund of the cost of calls when you contact them, as for example the insurance broker IATI Seguros does. . This is the brokerage with a reputation for women in the market and, with a history that began in 1885, it offers the best value for money in the different products focused on each type of trip.

    2) No need to advance money on your part

    Many travel insurance companies offer very low prices while hiding in their small print that their products are “with excess”. Possibly, if you have never traveled with travel insurance, you do not know what it means. To give you an idea, a travel insurance with excess is one that obliges you to pay a part of your medical expenses in case you need assistance. As you read, you pay for travel insurance and then return to pay a part of each visit to the doctor that you need to make.

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    Getting travel insurance without excess ensures that you will not have to pay anything. Simply, when you need to use their covers, you call them and they will tell you where to go, even providing you with a free means of transport. Once you finish your visit to the doctor, you will not need to pay anything, they will take care of any necessary management.

    3) A travel insurance for each type of traveler

    Because each traveler is different and we all have different needs and ways of traveling. An important piece of advice when hiring your travel insurance is to get one that is 100% adapted to the way you travel. A week-long trip to New York is not the same as a month-long trip to Southeast Asia. For the former, being one of the countries in the world with the highest cost in terms of health, you will need travel insurance with the highest coverage. For the second, it is very likely that you want to include activities such as snorkeling, trekking or adventure sports in your route, in this case you would be more interested in getting the coverage of a policy such as the IATI Backpacker.

    Long-term trips, as a family, cruises, as a couple, with electronic devices… make sure your travel insurance is the right one for your type of trip.

    4) A travel insurance with the possibility of cancellation

    You buy your international flight, not exactly cheap, you book your accommodation at the destination and just before leaving you have an important unforeseen event that makes it impossible for you to go on a trip. What happens to all that money you’ve already spent on preparations? Do you lose it? Just for cases like these, there are insurances with the option of “cancellation” or “annulment”, something that not many travelers know about.

    This type of coverage is responsible for reimbursing you, within the limits specified in each policy, the contracted expenses in the event that you cannot enjoy your trip due to any of the many stipulated situations: serious illness of yours or a family member, legal matters, a new job… It is an ideal cover to not worry about if something would cause you to have to cancel your trip.

    5) In travel insurance, cheap can be expensive

    When we travel, we all want to allocate the majority of our budget to the trip itself. Enjoying unique experiences is what leads many of us to travel the world. But, sometimes, trying to save a few cents can translate into getting travel insurance with very low coverage.

    We enter the travel insurance website, select the origin and destination of the trip, date and number of travelers and wait for them to show us the different options to choose from. Our eyes tend to go quickly in search of the cheapest figure to hire travel insurance as if it were a more unimportant procedure, but this is a mistake.

    The most important thing when hiring good travel insurance is the coverage offered. There is an abysmal difference, for example, between €20 insurance and coverage of up to €12,000 or one that for €27 covers you with up to €80,000. Do not be fooled by low cost insurance that in case of medical need does not guarantee the necessary coverage and always get a travel insurance with great coverage.

    6) For more than one traveler

    This advice to get your travel insurance is not usually well known and we are sure that it can be very useful to you. If you travel in company, for example with your partner, it is always more advisable for both of you that when buying travel insurance you get one for two people instead of two individual insurances. In this way, for example, if something happened to you and they had to travel to another city to be admitted to a hospital, your partner would also be covered for their flight and accommodation according to the coverage stipulated in your policy. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

    7) Beyond your health: luggage, flights, extras…

    We all tend to associate travel insurance with protection in the event of a medical problem during our trip, but they go much further. When choosing your travel insurance, it is also important to take into account the coverage offered in cases such as loss of luggage, delays in the departure of your flights or theft. In addition, conveniences such as applications from which to control your incidents or special accessories to secure electronic devices or claim canceled flights should not be overlooked. It all adds up!

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