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From 2000 to 2022, a lot has changed in this world. Not just in our lifestyle, infrastructure, economy and all, but Google has also changed a lot.

However, the major mystery of Google was the “I’m Feeling Curious” button. What is that button, what is its purpose, how it works, why did it disappear and why did it come back?

People had a lot of questions in their minds and even today, people are so curious to solve this riddle. You might have not used this button before but must surely have seen it just right to the Google Search Button.

Even though you haven’t used the button a question might have popped into your mind ‘ What will happen if I click on this button?’. If you want to get every single detail about this particular button, do not take your eyes off this blog.

What was I’m Feeling Curious Button?

Do you know the supreme purpose of this button? Well, the reason was to save people precious time. Now, you might be thinking about how a button can save people’s time. So, let’s understand this with the help of an example. Previously, there were two buttons below the search bar. However, the I’m Feeling Curious button was once ditched by Google but now it also exists.

i'm feeling curious Explore Random Fun Facts for Free

One was the simple Google Search button and the other on its right was the I’m Feeling Curious button. If a person makes a search using a simple Google Search button, then the person will directly move to the web pages that answer the particular query. For instance, if you type ‘best places in Dubai’ on the search bar and click on a simple Google Search button, Google will provide you with a list of web pages that match your search phrase.

However, if you type the same phrase in the search bar and click on the special I’m Feeling Curious button, Google will take you to the tap-ranked page for that particular search phrase. Thus, they don’t need to choose a page from a huge list and can simply move to the top-ranked website. It was quite useful for those who were sure that the first webpage will serve their purpose and provide them with all the information they need.

Why did Google Ditch the I’m Feeling Curious Button?

In 2010, Google removed the ‘I’m Feeling Curious button. What was the reason behind it? Let’s discover.

Well, it was reported by Marissa Mater in 2007 that only a few people hit this button. It was noted that only 1% of people use this button and the rest use the regular search button. There were no ads and no ad click on the button, which resulted in no income.

Moreover, Google needed to pay $100 million annually for this button. That was the reason it was removed by Google, but later on, it was again introduced even though it is irrelevant and isn’t used by people.

Now a days, this button takes you to the doodles section of the Google.

How to Add the I’m Feeling Curious Button on Google(If You Don’t Have It)?

Don’t you have this button on Google? Here are some steps that will help you:

  1. On the top right side of the Chrome window, there will be a menu button. Click on it.
  2. A drop-down menu will be opened, click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down and look for the ‘Manage Search Engines option. Click on it.
  4. Above the ‘Other Search Engines’ section, select the ‘Add’ option.
  5. Now, type ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ under the ‘Search Engine’ selection.
  6. Under the keyword ‘I’m Feeling Curious’, type a search phrase so that Google will get to know that you prefer using this button on the search engine.
  7. Now, hit add and use this special feature on your search engine.

You can also use this Google Chrome extension to access i’m feeling Curious from the address bar! Type ‘\’ and Tab.

How to use the I’m Feeling Curious button?

It is so easy to use this button. You simply have to type a phrase in your Google search bar and then click on I’m Feeling Curious button instead of a simple search button. This way, you will be directed to the top-ranked page instead of a huge list of web pages.

Is a search phrase required to use I’m Feeling Curious Button?

No, the Search phrase is not actually required to use this button. If you don’t have a search phrase, you can simply click on the various I’m Feeling Curious options. This way, you will get a lot of options

I’m Feeling Curious“, “I’m Feeling Hungry“, “I’m Feeling Doodly“, “I’m Feeling Puzzled” and so on. You can click on any option that matched your interest or requirements or you will be directed to a particular web page.

Suppose, if you click on the “I’m Feeling Artistic” option, Google will take you to a random Google art project, that’s so fascinating and interesting!

Some Unique Features of the I’m Feeling Curious Button

Even though the button is considered irrelevant or useless, there are still some features of this button that will astonish you:

  • The button is free to use.
  • It saves time and directs the user to the top-ranked webpage.
  • Plenty of triggers for this button are available and each of them is designed to customize your search experience.
  • The button guarantees the best quality results.

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What are Alternatives to I’m Feeling Curious?

There are a number of alternatives to the I’m Feeling Curious button. Some of them are: 

    • I’m Feeling Curious
    • I’m Feeling Doodly
    • I’m Feeling Something Else
    • I’m Feeling Hungry
    • I’m Feeling Puzzled 
    • I’m Feeling Trendy
    • I’m Feeling Artistic
    • I’m Feeling Playful
    • I’m Feeling Wonderful

Final Words

In the end, this was all the information you must know about the “I’m Feeling Curious” button. We hope now the mystery behind its working and purpose is solved after Curiousthis blog. If you haven’t used this button before, make sure to use it once to get a better search experience.


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